Thursday, February 15, 2024

Hello, mid-February...

 January really took it out of me - I had a hard time bouncing back from back-to-back trips.  It took several days, including one where I pretty much slept away the morning.  I'm feeling more normal now and trying to see what needs to be done in the upcoming days (one thing on the list is - ugh - taxes).

Right now I am also a part of two Kickstarters.  One is year two of Thrill Ride, a thriller magazine I had stories in last year and have one included in 2024. The other, called HERitage, is an alternate history anthology of how things might have improved for women if history had changed.  My contribution concerns Princess Diana - what if she and Charles remained married, and she became Queen of England?

You can get the details of both Kickstarters in my newsletter.  Not signed up?  Look on the left side of this webpage for instructions.  I promise not to spam you or sell your information.  

I hope February has been good to you.  Talk to you again in March.

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