Saturday, October 15, 2022

Great fun on the radio!

 On October 14th I got to sit down with Don Elwell of the "D&D Live Show" (his partner was out of town).  Don did his homework on me and we had a great time discussing my latest collection and other writing.  He said I can come back sometime, so I must have done okay <g>.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Want to Hear What I Sound Like?

 I'm going to be on the radio show "D&D Live" Friday, October 14th, at 9:05 am Eastern.  I'll be talking about my latest collection and whatever else they ask me about.  If you live in Highlands County, Florida you can tune in at 730 AM or 95.3 FM.  Not local?  You can tune in the livestream at

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Life after Ian

 This will be a bit more personal than usual.  Hurricane Ian gave us a glancing blow on Wednesday night, which was more than enough to produce howling winds, downed trees, and uprooting my two rosebushes.  It also killed power to our house, never a great thing.

Fortunately, my husband Don, a physician, has access to the doctor's lounge at one of the local hospitals.  The hospital has both Internet and power and I'm taking advantage of both as I post my bimonthly blog.  

Thanks to this access, I've been able to keep up my writing streak, which is currently over 800 days.  It's comforting to be able to write even in the mild chaos our lives are in at the moment.

If you were in Ian's path, I pray you are okay.  If you weren't, please continue to pray for those of us who were.  

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To show you some of what Ian did, I've included two pictures of my poor rosebushes.  I'm hoping we can save them.

Until next time.  Be safe, everyone!