Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Some Updates and Publishing News

 Hoping everyone is surviving the insane times we're in.  Today my state apparently was hit with a little hurricane - in November!  Yes, we're still in hurricane season but come on now, this is getting ridiculous, 2020.

In positive news, today marks day 135 of writing every day!  I started at the end of June, attempting to get some words done every day.  In the beginning, there was no minimum - I just had to get some words down.  My record low was 68 words.  As the months went by, I decided to set a minimum of 250 words/day.  

This has been an incredible ride.  The writing is better, because I'm giving it the time it needs.  I feel better about it because I'm making it a priority.  And it's a lot more fun.

I also got a new short story out - my third in the Eli Leafrunner series.  It's in ebook form only, wherever you buy yours.  Here's the cover:

I hope you enjoy his latest adventure.

Will have more news soon - stay tuned.  And stay safe.

P.S. I'm involved in Nanowrimo this year - if you want to friend me, my username is bookwormlady.  See you there!