Check here for a list of my published works!

The International Book of Days (contributing author)

Short story "Adjustments," Strange New Worlds 10

Short story, "Last Heir," Leading Edge Magazine, issue #54 (November 2007)

Short story, "He Promised," Christian Perspectives, September 2010

Short story, "Choices," Fiction River, Kobo Special Edition, Number 10 (2014)

Short story, "Common Ground," A Kiss is Still a Kiss (2015)

Short story, "The Flare," Fiction River Last Stand, #20 (2016)

Short story, "No Further," Fiction River Editor's Choice, #23 (2017)

Short story, "The Flare," Fiction River Presents: Reader's Choice, #6, (2017)

Short story, "High Places," Fiction River Feel the Fear, #25, (2017)

Essay, "Touched by an Angel," Chicken Soup for the Soul: Random Acts of Kindness (2017)

Short story, "The Case of the Dead Son," Fiction River Pulse Pounders: Countdown!, #29 (2018)

Short story, "The Devil's Muse," Fiction River Hard Choices, #30 (2018)

Short story, "Who Loves the Unloved?" Fiction River Feel the Love, #31 (2019)

Short story, "Old Enough to Volunteer," Wings of Change: Stories about Dragons (2019)

Short story, "Lost and Found," Fiction River Dark and Deadly Passions, #36 (2021)

Short Story, "The Last Mission," Veterans (Boundary Shock Quarterly Book 18) (2022)

Short story, "The Jerusalem Plot," Honor (Thrill Ride Magazine Book One), 2023




My column "Laura's Look" appears every Saturday in The Highlands News-Sun (as Laura Ware)