Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Today is Election Day...

I hope you voted today if you were able to.  I voted on Saturday, and it looks like my local county broke records in terms of participation.

But if you voted or didn't, and irregardless of who you voted for, I want you to remember something.

Tomorrow will be the day after the election.  We will (hopefully) have a President-elect.  They may be someone you want.  They may not.  But no matter what, someone will more likely than not have won the election.

But we will still be the United States of America.  We will still be Americans.  And we will have a decision to make:

Will we continue to rail and divide each other?  Will we continue to unfriend people who disagree with us?  Will we refuse to acknowledge that it's possible that the person who disagrees with us might well love our country as much as we do?

Or will we come together to figure out what is best for the country?  Will we try to find out what we have in common?  Will we even try to do something positive?

The choice is ours.