Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Where Did July Go?

 I am having trouble believing we are now in August.  July went by way too quickly.

Two events in July: 

At the beginning of the month I attended Shore Leave in Maryland.  As always, a wonderful time checking in with fellow wordsmiths and meeting new people.  This year I brought books for the first time to sell, and actually sold two (that may not look like a lot but believe me it's better than zero).

At the end of the month Don and I took a trip to South Carolina to see grandbabies.  Lavinia, who is five, is set to begin kindergarten this month.  Again I ask, where did the time go?  

It was a wonderful visit despite the air conditioning in the house going out near the end of it.  We all took it in stride and still enjoyed the precious time we had with the family.

I have no trips scheduled for the next few months and I hope to use that time to catch up on stuff.  Believe me, there is plenty to catch up on!

Hope you had a great July.  Let's see what August has in store for us.

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