Thursday, January 10, 2019


Yes, I know, it's been a while.  Contrary to how it looked, I didn't die, fall off the planet, or anything quite so drastic.  I have been dealing with life, and that has taken a lot of time and energy.

Part of what I need to do is organize my time better.  This is important because a) I am a caregiver and my time isn't entirely my own, b) I work from home, and have no other boss besides me (unless you count the dogs), and c) I am not by nature an organized person.  I can have good intentions but see them vanish in a puff of smoke because I didn't plan my day.

So I am working on that.  This blog will be included in that plan.  I am not going to promise to blog a set amount - not yet, anyway.  I am pledging to blog more frequently, which may make at least SOME of you happy <grin>

If you're looking for stuff to read, I've had two short stories come out the latter half of 2018.  "The Case of the Dead Son" is a part of my Eli Leafrunner universe and can be found in Fiction River: Pulse Pounders: Countdown!  The second story, "The Devil's Muse," deals with a writer who sells his muse to the Devil, and the guy he hires to get it back.  That can be found in Fiction River: Hard Choices.  (Links are to Amazon, but you can get these anthologies wherever you buy your ebooks and such).

So I hope your 2019 is starting off well.  I hope to talk to you again soon!

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